Azad Jammu & Kashmir

Population At-Risk Of Intestinal Worms

# of at-risk districts School-Age Children Population
4 509,473

abc STH prevalence = or over 20%

abc STH prevalence under 20%


A Multisectoral Steering Committee, which is chaired by the Secretary Health AJ&K, was formulated in 2021 to provide strategic direction to the program. To lead the operational decision-making of the program at a provincial level a Technical Working Group (TWG) was constituted and for the implementation at the district level, District Management Committees (DMCs) in all 4 at-risk districts have been set up. 

Rigorous efforts by the government stakeholders in Health, Education and Planning & Development departments, as well as by the technical assistance partners, IRD and Evidence Action are underway to deworm 0.509 million school-age children in at-risk districts of AJ&K. Orientations of all DMCs have been conducted and a tentative date of 2022 is been decided for Deworming Week 2022.

First round of MDA was conducted on 30th May – 2nd June 2022 with the help of teachers across the 4 districts of AJK deworming around 303837 children with the help of around 3700 teachers. The second round of deworming was conducted from 15-16 February 2023 and around 381000 SAC have been dewormed by involving around 4045 teachers. 


Key Achievements 2023


Mass Drug Administration (MDA) Rounds conducted till date


Achievements for 2023


Children treated in 2023


Therapeutic coverage


Health officials trained on adverse events


Certified Lead Trainers






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