Population At-Risk Of Intestinal Worms

# of at-risk districts School-Age Children Population
5 260,272

abc STH prevalence = or over 20%

abc STH prevalence under 20%


Efforts to conduct deworming in Gilgit-Baltistan started as early as 2020 with the formulation of a Steering Committee and a Drafting Subcommittee. Policy & Institutional Framework and partnership agreement (Letter of Intent) has been signed upon by the relevant departments and plans are underway to conduct deworming in 5 at-risk districts of Gilgit-Baltistan by June 2022. District Management Committees (DMCs) in all 5 at-risk districts have been set up.

The deworming campaign was carried out in Gilgit Baltistan from 7-9 June 2022 and around 117,678 children were dewormed across the schools in 5 at-risk districts of Gilgit Baltistan.

Key Achievements 2022

The programmatic achievements for KP Deworming Initiative can be determined by the targets achieved to date, stakeholders successfully engaged, and public funding of the program committed by the government of Pakistan.


Mass Drug Administration (MDA) Rounds conducted till date


Achievements for 2022


Children treated


Therapeutic coverage


Health officials trained on adverse events

Schoolsengaged 1385 Otherschools* 268 Public schools 624 Private schools Other schools* include informalschools, orphanages,etc Public schools Privateschools 493

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Steering Committee Notification

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Drafting Committee Notification

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