Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Population At-Risk Of Intestinal Worms

# of at-risk districts School-Age Children Population
22 8,305,785

abc STH prevalence = or over 20%

abc STH prevalence under 20%


The KP Deworming Initiative was launched in 2018 with the establishment of a Multi-Sectoral Steering Committee at the provincial level, led by the Health Department, KP. The District Management Committees (DMCs) have been formed in all 22 at-risk districts in the 4 divisions of KP, namely, Peshawar, Mardan, Hazara, and Malakand divisions, to facilitate program implementation at the district level.

The Multi-Sectoral Steering Committee is chaired by Special Secretary (B&D) Health, Health Department KP with the representation from Elementary & Secondary Education Department, Planning & Development Department, Local Government & Rural Development Department, and Private Schools Regulatory Authority (PSRA). Elementary & Secondary Education Foundation, Afghan Refugees Commissionerate, and Chief Khateeb (Religious Leader) of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are also engaged to extend outreach to school-age children in Deeni Madaris and those outside of formal education. At the district level, the DMCs are chaired by Deputy Commissioner with the representation of DHO, DEOs (Male/Female), PSRA, Assistant Director (Local Government & Rural Development), District Khateeb, District Social Welfare Officer District Emergency Officer (Rescue 1122), and Members of Private Education Network.

To date, KP Government has allocated PKR 6 million for the program under the “New Integrated Health Project PC-I Integration of Health Services Delivery with Special Focus on MNCH, LHW and Nutrition Program” 2020-23

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Key Achievements 2022

The programmatic achievements for KP Deworming Initiative can be determined by the targets achieved to date, stakeholders successfully engaged, and public funding of the program committed by the government of Pakistan.


Mass Drug Administration (MDA) Rounds conducted till date


Achievements for 2022


Children treated


Therapeutic coverage


Health officials trained on adverse events


Certified Lead Trainers

Dr. Jalal udin

District Public Health Coordinator at District Health Office, Charsadda

Fauzia sultana

Assistant District Coordinator, National Program - Lady Health Worker at District Health Office, Peshawar

Dr. Khurram shahzad

District coordinator national program for family planning and maternal, child health. District malaria unit incharge.

Mrs Jamila Naz

Assistant District coordinator, National Program-Lady Health Worker at District Health Office, Charsadda.


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Treatment Data

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13th Steering Committee Meeting

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Working Group Notification 2022

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